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Welcome to the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs 

The Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs is charged by law to recognize the historic and cultural contributions of Native Americans in Vermont, to protect and strengthen Native American heritage, and to address needs in state policy, programs, and actions. The Commission provides technical assistance on the application process for state recognition of Native American Indian tribes and reviews the documentation of applicants. The Commission develops policies and programs to benefit Vermont's Native American Indian population.

Four Vermont tribes are currently recognized by the State of Vermont.


VCNAA Community Needs


Do you believe Native Americans have prominence here in education? Government? Art? We at the VCNAA are here to assure Abenakis and others are firmly established in the state of Vermont. Our mission is to advocate for cultural needs, economic needs, dignity, environmental sustainability, and political empowerment for all Native Americans in Vermont. Our vision is to ensure the Native American population in Vermont with racial equality, sustainability economy, family development, progressive growth, education, health and dental care and political empowerment. 

The VCNAA is proud to serve our native community through state recognition, community programs and on-going social endeavors. Our mission is wide-ranging. Our mission is attainable. However, our mission requires your help.  A questionnaire is attached, requesting the highest needs from you – the Native community. Please fill it out and return to me in care of the Department of Historical Preservation. Our deadline is set for October 4th.  VCNAA Community Needs Questionnaire

Please return these questionnaires so the VCNAA can begin another year of assuring your aspirations can be achieved. As Trudy Parker, commission member stated so clearly, “We cannot address your needs if we don’t hear from you.”

I thank you for your time.

Charlene McManis, Secretary
c/o DHP
1 National Life Drive, 6th Floor
Montpelier VT 05602-9950